Friday, July 30, 2010

Porter's 4 month check up

Porter had his four month check up today (you know, because he's closer to five months than four).  He is doing well.  He weighs 22 lbs 7 oz (99.8%) and is 26 1/2 inches long (85%).  As we all know he is huge and very cute!  He did a good job with his visit.  He smiled at the nurse and the doctor plenty.  He had to do one oral immunization and two shots.  :(  He wanted nothing to do with drinking the oral one.  He made quite a face and then tried to keep his mouth closed when he realized it wasn't his normal food.  He only cried when the nurse intially poked him and was over it after a minute.  Too bad those shots make babies tired and fussy the next day or two afterwards.  Anyway, he actually weighs less than Vance did at this age (one pound less).  I guess that's where the .1% comes in. Haha.  He weighs about 3 pounds more than Tanner did at the same age.  If I had a small baby like my niece I just wouldn't know what to do with him/her. 

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Holly said...

Hey Porter, share some of your chunk with Chloe!