Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pictures from this week

I just thought I'd share some pictures that I have taken this past week.  Life is going on as usual, but pictures are more exciting than long rambling posts anyway.
 Three cute boys in a basket!
 Some huge leaves blew into our yard and the boys had fun playing with them.
 Vance was insisted that we get all the leaves out of our garden.  I don't know why he cared...
 I had to take a picture of Tanner trying this apple because it's never happened before and I don't think it's likely to happen again, at least not in the near future.
 Here's the proof.  Once he got it in his mouth he tried to spit it out, but  the mean mom I am, I made him swallow it.
 I was playing with my camera.  Porter is my best model.  He doesn't move fast and all I have to do is smile and talk to him to get him to smile at me. 
 Having said that about Porter, recently Vance will randomly ask me ot take his picture and he will even smile nicely like he is in this picture.  My, he is growing up.
 Tanner on other hand pretty much refuses to have his picture taken.  When he sees the camera in my hand he runs or hides or both.
 I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take some pictures of my studly boys ready for church.
 Cheese Ball!
 Not wanting a picture taken.... Lately I will ask him to do "Baby Tanner" eyes for me and he'll make his eyes go big kind of like this because he always had his eyes wide open when he was a baby.
 Sunday nap.  Comfy?
Zonked out!

I guess I did end up rambling a little...  If you are ever interested in what we are doing with our days I record our Preschool Adventures on Mommy's Little Helper.

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Kimmy said...

Fun pictures! Snapping moments of your day may not seem that eventful, but it's fun for me to see them! Cute kids!