Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Day

It started snowing last night and we were surprised to see how much snow we actually had when we got up this morning.  It snowed all afternoon too.  We've gotten more snow today than we did the entire season last year.  (I admit, it was a nice change from South Eastern Idaho).  When Vance got up and looked out the window he declared, "It's Christmas!"  I guess Christmas and snow go hand in hand.  Both Vance and Tanner were hyper until I took them out to play.  They played and played until I made them come in.  Tanner was freezing and pretty much ready, plus I bribed them with hot cocoa.  Although, the marshmallows I told them I'd put in their hot cocoa was what did the trick.

Porter napped through most of our playing outside, but Stephen brought him down when he woke up to watch out the window.

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Kimmy said...

Yeah for snow! How fun! I wish I could play out there with them!