Monday, November 29, 2010


Starting November 1st until Thanksgiving I had the boys say something they were grateful for and they either helped me write it on a leaf or drew a picture and we put it up around our house.  I took them down today so we can start getting our Christmas decor up, but I wanted to share what the boys said they were grateful for each day.  Sometimes they repeated themselves and once or twice Tanner just copied Vance.  It was a fun activity for them. 

Vance's Gratitude List:

1. popcorn (yum)
2. jellybeans (this is when I realized he was just naming the foods they eat in Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving)
3. friends (even if he can't remember their names)
4. grandmas and grandpas (of course)
5. brothers (love/hate relationship)
6. Mom and Dad (I didn't even have to prompt him to say that)
7. Porter (Porter LOVES Vance)
8. Mario (his dad has corrupted him)
9. smoothies (I have corrupted him)
10.  cars (I imagine he meant toy cars)
11. pencils (random)
12. jerky (extra random)
13. new toys (was his birthday on his brain?)
14. Porter (repeat, it's sweet)
15. Tanner (love/hate thing again)
16. computers (he will spend as much time on the computer as I let him)
17. blankets (it got cold here)
18. boxes (I don't know...random)
19. flowers (missing the flowers perhaps)
20. cars (another repeat)
21. Mom (oh, my favorite child...)
22. Grandma Porter (I have no doubt he is grateful for Grandma Jeppson too)
23. snow (not me)
24. meat (?)
25. bathtubs (he loves to play in the bathtub)

Tanner's Gratitude List
1. grandparents (I am grateful for them too)
2. Mom and Dad (sweet boy)
3. brothers (I am pretty sure I prompted this response...)
4. legs to run around with (he was running around when I asked him too)
5. Donkey Kong (corrupted by his dad)
6. the letter "T" (T is for Tanner!)
7. dinosaurs (the kid loves dinosaurs)
8. nursery (he loves nursery too)
9. Dad (what? Not Mom?)
10. cars (copying Vance)
11. Aladdin (I believe we'd just watched that movie)
12. nursery teachers (bless them)
13. Vance (he looks up to Vance)
14. Porter (he enjoys playing with Porter)
15. computers (he will spend as much time as I let him on the computer just like Vance)
16. trains (I think he meant the toy trains we have)
17. balls (he is a boy, what can I say?)
18. boxes (copying Vance)
19.  Roary (he is a family member)
20. Dad (wait a minutes, I'm sure seeing an awful lot of Dad...)
21. Mom (that's better)
22. turkey (funny, he wanted nothing to do with it on Thanksgiving day)
23. snow (can you guess what day it snowed at our house?)
24. the letter "Y" (he loves the alphabet)
25. Grandma's House (we went to Grandma's house, it's so fun.  He always cries when we have to go home)


Kimmy said...

Cute! Kids are so funny, especially yours. My favorite things on the lists are jerky - that is random, and boxes. Hilarious!

Mandy said...

Those are all so wonderful things to be thankful for. Love it!!
I am so excited to see you guys in a few weeks. :)