Friday, December 23, 2011

Vance's Birthday

I think Vance had a great birthday.   He wanted a spider theme which feels really weird three days before Christmas, but what can you do?  
 Here's my birthday boy showing of the party hat I made him.  I can't believe how fast kids grow up.
 I pretend like I can decorate cakes even though I really can't.  Vance saw a picture of this cake on the internet a couple of months ago and told me he wanted it for his birthday so I tried.  He seemed happy enough with it so that's all that matters.
 Here is a birthday banner I made for him with some spiders.  Thank goodness for my Cricut!
 My three boys in their party hats.  Porter thought they were hilarious, but by the time we got to partying he didn't want to wear it anymore.
 Me and my birthday boy.  He is a good kid.
 Vance told me before the party he wasn't going to get embarrassed, but he did a little when we sang to him.
 He was not embarrassed to blow out his candles this year though.  He did a good job too.
He has been asking for this T-Rex since Tanner's birthday.  This was the only present he requested specifically.  All the boys at the party thought it was great, but the girls weren't so sure.

We are so glad that Vance is part of our family and it was fun to celebrate.  You can see more pictures on facebook as well as a video I uploaded of him opening a gift from my parents.  Thank you to everyone who wished him a happy birthday and to those who were able to come celebrate with us.

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