Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Review

Since I haven't done a Christmas newsletter or  anything like that I thought I'd just do a year in review on my blog for 2011

JANUARY-  We started the year off celebrating with my family.  I started my first digital scrapbooking class which has been a lot of fun.  Porter turned ten months old and started to seem less like a baby.  We enjoyed some warm  weather by playing outside.  Stephen was working hard on school and with him still being unemployed we weren't sure what the year would bring.

FEBRUARY-  In February I expressed my love for different people and things.  We also took our boys to see Rose in Charlotte's Web that her drama class put on.

MARCH-  In March Porter turned one!  We had a "On the Go" birthday party for him.  I made all the boys shirts and party hats.  He started to walk a little bit to that month.  I did have a hard time getting him to drink out of any kind of cup, thankfully with time we overcame that issue.  We also had fun celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

APRIL- In April Tanner gave his very first primary talk.  We had fun decorating Easter Eggs and doing a hunt in our yard.  We had an enjoyable Easter.  We also enjoyed some wonderful Spring weather.  At the end of the month the boys had fun helping me celebrate my 28th birthday.

MAY-  We spent an enjoyable Mother's Day with my parents in May.  We also got to see Eric and Tami and go to the annual Zillah Community Days Parade.  One of the most fun things we did was seeing Rose in her last high school play where she played Cinderella.  We also got to hang out with Holly and her family.

JUNE-  In June I found myself at Rose's high school graduation and facing the fact that I graduated ten years ago.  Yikes!  We had fun playing with cousins.  We also had lots of fun playing in our little swimming pool.  June was full of fun.  We celebrated Stephen's 30th birthday.  We enjoyed a lot of outside playtime.   We spent Father's Day with my own father and my wonderful husband.  By the end of June we knew that it was time to make a huge change in our life...

JULY-  We spent 4th of July with my family knowing that living close to them was soon coming to an end.  I think all of the fun that we had the last month and a half was Heavenly Father giving me a chance at some wonderful memories before facing a very hard change for me.  That change was moving to a new state.  The thing I had been dreading since Stephen had decided to go into Information Technology needed to happen in order for him to get a job and that was moving to an area where he could get an entry level position in something related to his field.  I knew it was and is the right decision, but sometimes those are the hardest.  We packed up our belongings and moved in with my sister-in-law while we looked for employment and a place to live.  Moving was tough, I won't lie, but at least we were moving near family and we moved in time to see our nephew be sealed to his parents and be blessed as well as celebrate our other nephew's birthday.

AUGUST-  In August Stephen got a job and we found a place to live (although we couldn't move in until the beginning of September).  I was able to attend a baby shower for Holly and her first little boy.  Stephen and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary.  By the end of the month we were getting ready to move and Vance was gearing up to start kindergarten.

SEPTEMBER-  My newest nephew was born at the beginning of the month and we watched his sisters, in the midst of moving.  Porter started nursery (unfortunately it hasn't been a big hit for him).  Tanner turned four and we celebrated with a Phineas and Ferb theme. Vance also lost his first tooth at school.

OCTOBER- We kicked October off with watching to General Conference, which is always a highlight.  We visited a fun pumpkin patch.  I felt like October was spent settling and adjusting.  At the end of the month the boys had fun Trunk-Or-Treating in their costumes.

NOVEMBER- In November we met with Vance's teacher to see that he was doing well in kindergarten.  We had a fun Thanksgiving with my family minus my brothers.  We also witnessed my youngest nephew, Elliot's blessing.  Stephen started working days (temporarily).

DECEMBER-  We kept ourselves busy in December with Christmas type activities.  The boys had fun doing gingerbread stuff.  We saw the lights on Temple Square.  Vance turned six and we had a spider themed birthday party for him.  We also had a wonderful Christmas despite most of us having colds.  

Now onto a new year.  What will it bring?

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Holly said...

What a year! I think of your boys, Tanner has changed the most over the last year (I know, Porter really has but Tanner looked so chubby and little last January and now he's slim and looks like a big kid!).