Friday, June 10, 2011

Let the swimming adventures begin

We got the little pools out for the boys to play in yesterday.  I bought a baby one for Porter because I didn't think he would like all the splashing about the older boys did.

 The older boys jumped right into their pool and played until I made them get out.  They played hard.
As it turned out Porter didn't want to get in the baby pool either.  I filled it with warm water from our bathtub and put my suit on and got in to entice him.  Maybe next time... 
He did love running around in his swimsuit and watching the boys play.
Since I was in my suit Vance and Tanner begged me to get into the bigger pool with them so I did.  Their water was much colder than Porter's.  Brrr...  They didn't seem to mind.
After the boys got bored with me they convinced their dad to get into the pool as well.  Here is the proof.
 Did I blind everyone with our pasty white bodies?  The entire day today Vance has been begging to get back in the pool so you can guess what we will be doing later...

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