Sunday, May 15, 2011

Community Days

We made a day trip over to my parents yesterday.  The main reason was because my brother, Eric and his wife Tami were in town.  It was also community days in our small town so we were able to go to the parade as well.  Some of the pictures I am posting are ones that Eric took.  His camera rocks and he is a better photographer than the point and shooter photographer I am. 
 Eric and Tami.  They make a cute pair. (Told you he has a cool camera)  My boys LOVE Eric and Tami.  They were so excited to hang out with them.  Vance insisted on sitting by Eric the entire day.  He tried to be Eric's shadow.  :)
 Grandma and Grandpa were entertaining the boys before the parade got started.
 Porter was having fun playing Pat-A-Cake with Grandma.
 See the cute girl leading the band?  Yep, that's my little sister.  She did a great job too.  They had 5th grade-through high school band kids playing.
 A close up of Rose.  Doesn't she look all professional with her gloves and the whistle in her mouth?  :)
 Vance was pumped for the parade.  He was counting down the days until we went.
 Tanner looking awfully cute in the camp chair.
 Porter did great!  He enjoyed the parade and danced as the bands went passed.
 Here is proof that I was there too.  I do have a lovely sunburn to prove it as well.
 Vance was excited to collect candy!
 Tanner has a tongue fetish.
 I like this picture of Vance.
 Stephen was holding our camera and a clown came by, took the camera, and the snapped this picture of him.  It made me laugh.  Stephen told me to erase it, but I posted it here instead.  :)
 Waving at the people going by.
Porter was so tired.  In fact, he fell asleep in the stroller as we walked home.  He was a good sport though.

We had a great time.  I will probably post more pictures on facebook.  Next weekend we will be back up to my parents.  Rose's play opened this passed weekend and we are going to see it next weekend.  Holly and her family will be up next weeked too.  Fun, Fun, Fun!


Stephen said...

I knew I should've deleted that picture before you got your hands on the camera ;-)

Holly said...

Are you sick of going to Zillah every weekend yet? :)

We're getting excited to see you!