Friday, May 13, 2011

Loving the Beautiful Weather

WARNING:  This post contains lots of pictures of cute little boys!
I have to take a picture of the three of them smiling whenever I get a chance.

Scooters and of course, Porter had to join in the fun with his lion.
Sidewalk Chalk!

Porter was helping with the rake.

Checking out a bug.

 Vance and Tanner went into the house first yesterday evening from playing outside and the first sight I saw was this...
 Followed by this...
They told me that they were mad at each other and were not talking to each other.  I don't know what brought this on.  I tried to get some kind of explaination out of them and couldn't.  I actually think they were pretending to be mad at each other because neither one truly seemed put out, despite the look Tanner has on his face.  I think Vance was hiding his face so I couldn't see him smiling.  Silly kids.

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Kimberly said...

Awesome pictures. Yay for summer and time outside! Such cute boys. (Tanner has the best faces ever, Porter just makes me smile 'cause he's so cute and Vance's energy is contagious.) Love it!