Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bragging about Rosemary

With my baby sister, Rosemary about to graduate we are keeping ourselves busy with the big events that have been happening in her life lately.  This past weekend we went over to my parents for the high school play she was in.   They did Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. (I have ALWAYS loved this version).  Rosemary was Cinderella.  She did a Fabulous job!

Not a great picture, but here we all our with the Prince and the director, Mrs. Brant.  Stephen and Sean's shirts said, "Cinderella's Bodyguards"  Holly and I were "The REAL sisters", my mom was the "Fairygod mother" and my dad was "The Clock that struck midnight".

Here are the five grandkids in their t-shirts.  All the shirts said "Team Cinderella" on the back.  The boys shirts said "Prince in Training" and the girls said, "Princess in Training"

On Saturday they had a matinee performance that we took our kids too.  My older sister, Holly and her family was there too.  My mom made us shirts that were fun.  The kids really enjoyed it.  Afterwards they we were invited to have ice cream and meet the cast.  My boys had no interest in meeting the cast.  Tanner was very tired and emotional and I didn't even get a picture of him and Rose like I wanted.  Oh well.  He did LOVE the play.  In the evening Holly and I went back with my parents and left our hubby's to tend to the children.  We needed to see it without kids crawling all over our laps. 

I was feeling sentimental since it was Rosemary's last play and she is the last in my family of the five kids to do theater in high school.  I have posted about that more here and here.
The sisters.  Eric came last week and saw the play and Glen is on his mission so this is as close as we got to being all together.
I also have to brag about my mom too because she sewed several costumes for Rose.  She and Rose worked really hard on getting the transformation from her scrubs to her ball gown and it was awesome so I am showing a little clip of it here.

The Stepmother ripping her first ball gown.

Just after the transformation.

They had three stepsisters.  I will quote Tanner afterr they finished their main song, "Those three girls are awesome!"

Have to get a picture with the prince in there too. Rose used my mom's real veil from when she got married.
Rosemary, Vance, and the Prince.
Rose, Porter, and the Prince

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