Thursday, May 8, 2008

More Theater Info.

One of my aunts asked if any of the rest of us overlapped with the plays we were in so I thought I'd just make it a post. Holly and I were in two plays together her senior year, my freshman year. Here's a picture of us with the gifts our parents gave us when we did "Peter Pan". Holly was Tinkerbell. I was a Lost Kid. (yes, I mean kid not boy) The other play we did together was "The Matchmaker". Holly had the lead, Dolly Levi. I was a waitress named Monique. Actually Rose and Glen did this play in the fall and Rose was a waiter! (I am thankful I didn't have to play a boy). I don't have pictures of Holly and I in our costumes together.

Eric and I were in three plays together. My junior year we did "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and we were short on guys (small high school) so they asked a few 8th grade boys, Eric being one of them, to be involved with the play. Eric was Mr. Bixby and a suitor and I was Alice. The other two plays we were in together were "The Crucible" Eric was Giles Corey and I was Elizabeth Proctor. The last play I did Eric was my daddy. It was "Pirates of Penzance". Eric was the Major General (he stole the show, by the way) and I was Mabel. Here is a picture from that play. Doesn't Eric make an adorable old man?

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Holly said...

Funny how often Eric was an old man in plays...also funny, how Eric, your younger brother was your dad...