Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Marker Face and Dandelions

That would indeed be marker on my baby and despite what your first thought may be, Vance did not draw on him. Tanner drew on himself. I put him down on the living room floor so I could get some clothes out of the dryer (Vance came with me so I know he is innocent). When I came back in the living room there was Tanner drawing away on his face. I snatched the marker and he naturally got mad at me. I'm actually quite impressed. He managed to find a marker, get the cap off, and draw on his arm, shirt, and face in just a few moments. I need to work on getting Vance to pick up after himself now that Tanner is more mobile.

Vance has discovered that it is fun to pick dandelions and Mom doesn't care if he does so that's what he spent his outdoor time doing today. He picked a bunch and only destroyed about half of them. The other half he wanted to put in a cup in the middle of the kitchen table (that's what you do with flowers, right?)


Holly said...

How funny! Tanner is turning into Vance (with the markers at least). And of course you put flowers in the middle of the table! Even if they're little ol' dandelions.

Mabel said...

Ooh, maybe he's going for the Blue Man Group look. He is so cute, even with a tinge of blue. Dandelions from your children are the perfect centerpiece for any occasion, especially when it's only the tops and you float them in a bowl of water. I used to have a book on parenting called Take Time To Smell The Dandelions. Love the picture of Vance holding a perfect dandelion!