Sunday, May 18, 2008

Goodbye Dad

We took Stephen to the airport tonight. He is flying to L.A. for two days of work training. He will return to us Wednesday afternoon. Then next month he gets to do two more days of the same thing. Vance was not happy when he realized that Stephen was going through the fun gates (security) and up the cool stairs (escalator) and we were not. I'm not sure if he was more upset about his dad leaving or missing out on the fun it looked like his dad was having. We will say the first since it is sweeter. When I say not happy, I mean he was screaming and crying loud enough for everyone in the airport to hear. I'm really not exaggerating, it isn't a big airport. In fact he was still crying five minutes later when we got home. (we live real close to the airport). Fun times for me. We are excited for Stephen to get some more training to help him be better at his job, but we will sure miss him. We are use to him working 10-12 hour days, but we will sure miss him at night. Holly and Jillian are coming up to visit us tomorrow so we are really looking forward to seeing them soon.

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Mabel said...

I am glad Holly and Jillian are coming up to spend time with you. Nice to have a sister so close! Have fun. Love the picture! Looks like they have Dad right where they want him.