Friday, May 30, 2008

Dad's at Work

*Warning this is a long post venting some frustrations. Proceed with caution.*

That's right, Dad is at work. Mainly I like to use this blog to show off my cute kids to their family members that just don't get to see them enough. Sometimes thought I feel like sharing other things. To warn you before I get too far, this one may be venting some frustrations about Stephen's work. More specifically the hours he works. Stephen is a service writer for Sage Creek Repair (just to refreshen anyone's memory). When he first begin (April 2007) his hours were 9:30 to 6:30. He was warned that "occassionally" he would have to stay late, but it was "rare". Boy, were they giving him a line there. After about a month of that they changed his hours to 7-6. His supervisor needed him there the whole time. I must pause and point out that he gets an hour for lunch. Technically his work week since that point should be 50 hours except in the fall when he was in school and didn't work as many hours. It has been a very rare occurance for Stephen to get off at 6. Sometimes he gets off by 6:30 if we're lucky, but rarely 6. Anyway, this week has been particularly frustrating because his supervisor is off to his second round of training (Stephen's is in the middle of June). That leaves Stephen to do his own work and his supervisors as well and to top it off it is the end of the month so Stephen gets to do all the month-end numbers alone. Here is a picture of what this week has been like

Monday- Holiday- woo-hoo!

Tuesday- Stephen home at 8:30

Wednesday- Stephen home at 9:30

Thursday- Stephen home at 10:00

Friday- Stephen home... well who knows since I'm writing this Friday evening and Stephen is working away, but let's just say that if he gets home before ten I will be surprised. We agreed though that he will work until he is done tonight so that he doesn't have to go in tomorrow!

Yes, this is an extreme week, but he has had other times when he has gotten home late for various reasons. The best part (feel the sacrasm here) is that Stephen is salary paid so he is not compensated for all the extra hours of work he ever does. (I won't go into that now, perhaps at a later date....) It is very frustrating. It's out of Stephen's hands so I can't even be mad at him! I know he wants to come home and spend time with they boys and I as much as we want him home, but situations don't allow. Thank goodness we now live in Idaho Falls and he comes home for lunch. I suppose in that aspect it is also good that the boys are early risers and get up a lot of times before Stephen leaves for work (except when he goes in early, which is often enough). I know lots of other husbands work long hours so I am not alone nor should I feel sorry for myself (right?), but it still stinks! I don't mind spending the day alone with the boys, I don't mind being alone in the evenings (I can find plenty to do), but I do mind not seeing much of my husband and I do mind that my boys don't see much of their dad. Thank goodness for the weekend!

Don't get me wrong, Stephen really likes his job and there are some great things about it. This training that they are doing is suppose to help them be more efficient and I am so praying that is the case so that we can see Stephen more. What do you know, a woman who actually wants to spend time with her husband! Go figure.

Aside from that isn't Vance so cute saying "Dad's at work." He's been saying that for a few weeks now. He says it so fast and randomly, but if you ask he'll always tell you.


Erin said...

Oh, that totally sucks. (And I can totally sympathize with the whole salary thing.) On the plus side, that a totally super cute video of Vance. I watched it like 12 times in a row.

Marci Roberts said...

I must say I can sympathize from similar personal experience. On top of the 10-12 hour work days that Travis puts in everyday, he has call that can and will be at any given moment. Unfortunately I believe it is a trend that we will have to get used to. I know a lot of people whose husbands are in similar situations. Perhaps that is what we get for wanting and getting to stay home with our kids.

Mabel said...

Wow! What a crazy week! That's rough on you and the kids for sure. The video of Vance makes me smile every time I watch it (which has been many times). I hope things get better for the hours worked.