Monday, May 12, 2008


Stephen and I went to "Annie" on Saturday night and saw Glen and Rose perform. They both did a wonderful job. (Not that I'm biased or anything). It was fun to be back since this was the first play I've sat and watched since before I was in high school. I took a bunch of pictures of Glen and Rose. The first one is a picture of all of us minus Holly. (We love and missed you, Holly!) It was taken after the show.

Glen was a Chorus member and he was on stage a ton! I wonder how many costume changes he had. I'll have to ask. This was my favorite character, Wacky the ventriloquist dummy. He was hilarious as this part. I wish the picture did justice to how funny and cute he was.

Rose played Lily St. Regis, who is the con-artists girlfriend. Who knew she could play a bimbo so well... :) Rose also had some chorus parts. Do you like her blond wig? This last picture was probably my best attempt at getting one of them on stage at the same time, but it wasn't from lack of trying! We had a great time seeing the play. Good luck this week!


Mabel said...

Rose and Glen both look like they are having a great time! I didn't recognize Rose when I first looked at the picture with the blond wig! What a fun weekend for you guys!

Holly said...

Everyone looks so good! I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves! I missed you guys too!!!