Friday, May 6, 2011

Porter's Obsession

Porter is obsessed with anything electronic.  I am not just talking about a general fondness here.  If he sees a laptop, cell phone, camera, video game controllers, any little expensive gadget with buttons he head straight for it.  If you don't hand it over he is not happy.  Worse, is if you put it away, instant tears followed by throwing his head to the floor in despair (which always looks painful). 
So, imagine this very cute kid playing with a toy and I think "I should take a picture of him."  I pull out the camera and pray I can get one shot in before he realizes what I have.  Once he realizes the camera is in my hand play time is over and it's "Give me the camera before someone gets hurt." This shot was taken only a moment before getting attacked by him.

I don't know how long this obsession will continue, but he has had it for a while now.  I hope it is soon because I really get tired of fighting over the camera with him.  We took batteries out of one of our Wii Controller so he could just play with it whenever he feels the need.  If you get a random phone call from me with no one there or a blank text you can be sure it is Porter! 

On a side note we are starting to get better!  Woo-hoo! 

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