Sunday, May 1, 2011

This and That

Tanner and I are little sickies.  The two of us (along with Porter) decided it'd be best to stay home today.  We have colds.  Tanner has been coughing for a few days now.  Never fun.  I don't like skipping out on church, but sometimes that is just what needs to happen. 

I am trying to get back into the habit of blogging more often (if you hadn't noticed).  I like looking back at my earlier blogging days when I blogged often because I wrote about the little day to day stuff that I have since forgotten about. 

I am taking another digital scrapbooking class (a wonderful birthday gift from my parents).  Luckily for me I get to learn a few general photoshopping tricks with the class.  I did a whole scrapbook page, but I wanted to practice this little trick of taking out all of the color in a picture on everything, but one thing.  This is a picture of a flower at that my mom had in her house in a pot for a while.  The original picture is fun too since there is a lot of green leaves.  For you photoshop know-it-alls don't look too closely!  :)  Although, look close enough to see the spider hanging out. 

Anyway, this post is a little bit of this and that and not much else.  Isn't that what you get from me when I post often?

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Eric said...

uh oh, looks like you might surpass me in photoshop if i'm not careful ;)