Monday, August 20, 2012

Aquarium and other Fun

Since we changed Porter's crib to a toddler bed I put on Cars bedding on his mattress.  He has been loving it.  The older boys have expressed an interest in doing something different in their room besides Cars so on Wednesday I took some of their posters and moved them to Porter's room.  He has had Classic Pooh stuff in his and I guess he is officially out of "babyhood" and has graduated to a little bit older theme.  He loves the Cars posters in his room!  The older boys will have to wait a little longer before I change their room completely.  They want a Star Wars themed room.
 I already shared a post with a picture of Stephen and I on our anniversary.  We had a good afternoon.  Here is a picture of Tanner enjoying some easy mac.   Do you know that Porter is giving him a run for his money as the pickiest eater in this house?  Oh boy.  I don't know how I am going to live through all of the picky eaters in my house!
 Since Summer is winding down we are trying to stuff as much fun in before Vance has to go back to school.  On Saturday we went to an Aquarium.  We all had a great time.  Although Vance avoided the spiders and I avoided the snakes.  Vance said his favorite thing was the stingrays and the sharks.  Tanner's favorite was the otters and the fish.  Porter said his favorite were the penguins.  It's hard to take pictures in there because it is dark, crowded, and what not.  I will post a few on facebook sometime.
 Here is a picture of Vance ready for church. A couple more weeks and this kid will be starting first grade.  Sniff, sniff.  It will be good to have him in school all day, but then sometimes it hit me that he'll be gone all day long.  It seems like a long time for him to be away.
 Here is a picture of Tanner.  He will be staying home with me another year before starting kindergarten since he misses the cut off for school by 3 weeks.  His primary teacher grabbed Stephen in the hall yesterday and told him how impressed she was by his reading skills.  Guess we'll continue to work on that and especially other areas that he is weaker in at home for another year.

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Holly said...

I keep meaning to look at Sean's Star Wars posters for you. I'm not sure what he has but he said he'd be willing to part with them (not a huge sacrifice since they've been in a tube since we got married). Remind me sometime and I'll dig them out for you.