Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Fun

Trying to pack in as much Summer fun in as we can. School starts for Vance next week.
We went to Thanksgiving Point last Tuesday.  It was worth the little drive.  On Tuesdays in August the venues are only $2 a person (Porter was free) so we took advantage of that and went to the gardens as you can see below.  Awesome.  Then we went to the Museum of Ancient History.  We really enjoyed the gardens and Stephen and I want to go back sometime to enjoy all of it and maybe even without the kids...  The museum was so busy it was hard to enjoy.  We don't like crowds and we could barely walk around with out stepping on kids that were running around everywhere.
 This sword and shield I made a few weeks ago to use as a visual with my primary lesson (Armor of God).  Porter has since adopted it has his personal sword and shield.
 We took the kids miniature golfing at this fun indoor fun center.  It had a dinosaur type theme to it.
 If you are friends with me on facebook you have noticed that the boys have been writing messages lately.  Here is a little message Tanner wrote to me.
 We didn't really have plans for Saturday, but Vance really wanted to do something fun.  I remembered going to Logan when I was growing up when we'd visit my grandparents so we took them up there and visited Willow Park Zoo which I remember going to as a kid.  We also visited the temple grounds.  It was quite enjoyable.
 Vance all ready for church on Sunday.  He loves his tie.
 Today we went to Brigham City and were able to do the temple open house there.  We really enjoyed it.  The boys were really excited to see inside the temple.  They liked seeing the oxen at the baptismal font and all the pretty windows and chandeliers.  They also enjoyed the cookies afterwards, riding the bus to and from the temple, and walking around the temple grounds.  I'm glad they were able to have that experience.  We went to the Rexburg temple open house, but Vance was a toddler and Tanner was a baby.  As the bus pulled away Porter waved and said, "Bye temple."  He did that pretty much the entire bus drive to the parking lot.

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