Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer is winding down

My boys are quite obsessed with The Piano Guys.  You can find them on youtube.  Their favorite song is called Cello Wars.  It's a little parody of Star Wars.  Here is a picture of Tanner showing off some of his dance moves.
 We did a scavenger hunt on temple square last Wednesday.  The weather was pretty nice.  We really enjoyed being on temple square.  It wasn't crowded.  Stephen and I agreed that it was the least busy we'd ever seen.  The boys had a great time tracking down everything on our hunt.  We also had lunch with Stephen's sister Kim who works at the church office building.
 On Thursday night Stephen and I took Vance to his school for back to school night.  He was able to see his first grade classroom and meet his teacher.  His teacher seems real nice and young.  Here is a picture of him in the reading area.  Looks cozy to me.  School starts tomorrow!
 The boys love playing with legos and do it any chance that we let them.  One of their favorite lego sets is Ninjago.  There is also a Ninjago cartoon show that is out that they love.
 On Saturday we helped our nephew, Elliot celebrate his first birthday.  Isn't he a cutie?!  My sister made really cute cookie monster cupcakes and the boys had a great time playing and eating cake.
 This would be Porter "hiding".  He is in such a funny stage right now.  He is talking in sentences now and he comes up with some pretty hilarious stuff not to mention the cute and funny things he does.
 Not long after we said good night to the boys last night Vance hollered for us to let us know he'd lost a tooth.  It has been a little wiggly for a few weeks so it wasn't a total surprise like his first one was.  It's the first one he has lost on top and the 3rd one over all.  He lost his two bottom teeth shortly after starting kindergarten.  Guess, his teeth new first grade was coming...

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Holly said...

Aww. I love all our boys! Porter is getting so grown up! I can hardly believe it.