Friday, September 7, 2012

First week of school

Vance started first grade on Tuesday.  He was so excited.  I really could hardly stand him the night before and the morning of.  Bless that child, but the more excited he is the more he feels the need to talk my ear off and ask me a million questions I don't know the answer too.  He is loving school and wishes he could eat dinner there and have school on Saturday too so I guess it has been a success so far.  I wonder if that will change as the school work gets more challenging.  I sure hope not.  I tried to take some pictures with his glasses on, but apparently I need to figure out how to do that without getting a wicked glare off of them.
 Porter and Tanner were so cute the next morning looking over the book order Vance got.  They love books and I love that they love books.
 I was hesitant to do worksheets with Tanner since preschoolers learn through play, but I also know he could use some practice writing and cutting so I decided to try it out and he loves doing it.  I think it makes him feel like a big kid.  He even wants to do them on Saturdays, he told me.  I hope his enthusiasm continues as well.  We are also going to be doing other preschool things together.
 Today we watched Holly's kids for a bit.  I actually took a much cuter picture of my boys and Jillian outside, but it was just a phone picture.  We were just missing Chloe here though.  Elliot decided to take off when I pulled out the camera.

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