Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stitches and Birthdays

We were having a get together at my sister-in-laws the other day and Vance had an incident with the trampoline that led to him needing 6 stitches on his chin.  He was a trooper.  In fact, we didn't realize how badly he was hurt because of how little he cried.  He didn't cry at all during the stitching process and he held real still for them.
 Tanner and his cousin Luke were sitting at Grandma's table cutting and gluing for a long time on Sunday afternoon.
 The boys thought it'd be fun to write their names with pretzels.
 Porter was in a smooching mood one day so I had to take a few pictures.
 It's easy to keep the boys entertained when Stephen is around, he just pulls out his DS or turns on the Wii.
Tanner turned 5!  We let him open a gift on his birthday and made him save the rest for his party on Saturday.  We also took him out for lunch.
Getting ready for Tanner's birthday party.  Here are the party favors.
 Tanner's birthday party was on Saturday.  Thanks to all those who were able to come.
 Vance had his stitches removed Saturday morning before Tanner's party.
 This kid likes hot dog buns, but won't eat the hot dog.  He loves "The Pigeon Find a Hot Dog" book.
 Tanner playing with Skylander stuff for preschool.

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Holly said...

Chloe will eat just the hot dog bun too and leave the hot dog. Funny kids!