Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cousin Birthdays!

I decided not to do a photo every single day this year.  It was fun and challenging, but I think I need a little break from it.  This week we had a nephew and a niece celebrate their birthdays.  We currently live fairly close to all of our nieces and nephews (that will change in May when Eric and Tami have a baby).  We were able to attend both of their birthday parties.  The boys had a great time at both.  Thanks for having us over.
Mandy's youngest turned 2.  Doesn't he look cute in his hard hat?

 All the kids got to decorate hard hats.
Porter in his hard hat.
The party goers at my niece's 5th birthday party.  Minus Porter who stepped out of the picture as I was taking it.  Go figure.
 My sister made this cute cake that was rainbow colored inside.
 Blowing out the candles!
Between Stephen and I's families all of our birthday are clumped together.  We do get a break now until Porter's birthday in March when a whole bunch more are clumped together!

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Tami P said...

It's true! Even in your family alone there are a bunch of birthdays in March and September. That is pretty crazy :) It looked like you all had a lot of fun. All the kids look so cute!