Monday, January 28, 2013

The Little Things...

I thought I would continue on the little things that I am grateful for this past week.  These are just little positive things I have noticed not the big obvious things like how much I love my family and my Savior and that kind of thing.
1.  Porter often wants Tanner to read him books before his nap and Tanner is always willing to do it.  It is a very sweet thing to watch them get into the books.  Tanner is good at using different voices and Porter enjoys hearing it.  I took a picture one afternoon.
2.  We had Vance's parent/teacher conference today.  He is doing well in school.  He is doing well in math, in fact he is doing well enough that last week his teacher sent home a stack of 2nd grade math worksheets for him to do when as he wants. He is doing well in all areas as well.  He does need to work on slowing down when he reads to make sure he reads and comprehends things more accurately which I already know from reading with him in the evenings.  I am glad that he is doing well in school and that he loves it.
3.  I wasn't worried about Porter memorizing the Articles of Faith seeing that he is only 2, but the boy was determined to have the first one memorized just like his older brothers so he now has it memorized.   It is really cute to watch him say it too. Who knows if he will be able to memorize any of the rest.  I am not going to pressure him to that's for sure.
4.  Tanner is constantly making me laugh (whether I should be laughing or not) when he talks because he uses words like "pathetic" and "oblivious". The kid hasn't even started kindergarten yet.

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Holly said...

Tanner and Jillian must be cut from the same cloth. She is always using big words and I have to wonder where she learns them. Porter was so cute in his article of faith video. And way to go, Vance on the 2nd grade math! Your boys are getting so big!