Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Sickness, Birthdays, Christmas, Vacation...

I was pretty sick one day so I only managed to get a picture of Porter in his pajamas at the end of the day.  
 Tanner and I had a Samuel the Lamanite preschool lesson.  He made this little craft.
 Stephen has been folding lots of stars lately.  He used some wrapping paper to do these.  I really like them.
 The Friday before Vance's birthday was pajama day at school.  He also had a class party and got a book from school for his birthday.  He shared candy canes with his class.
 We had a birthday party for Vance on his 7th birthday.  He wanted a Legend of Zelda birthday party so I did my best to make him happy with that.  My mother-in-law made the boys link hats and the girls Zelda crowns.  He is excited to be 7.
 On Sunday we heading to my parents place for Christmas.  It's such a long drive especially for the kids, but they did good.  So glad we have a dvd player in the car.  Porter was sleeping and making funny faces with his lips.
 Porter and Glen spending some quality time together.  Porter on Stephen's phone and Glen on his.... :)
 Christmas morning!  Eric actually took this picture.  I have one similar, but Eric's looks way better than mine. We had a fun Christmas.
 Vance loves Eric.  They even wore similar shirts one day.  Vance says they are "doubles" and finds ways that they are the same.
 Stephen playing on the Wii U.
 The kids keeping themselves entertained with electronics.  Jillian must have been entertained watching Tanner.
 These two try coconut milk.  They were not really fans of it.
 In the middle of our vacation we were all still trying to get over being sick.  My little sister was really sick.  Vance got pink eye on Monday.  By Thursday Porter got it and he was doing pretty poorly come Sunday on our way home.  Poor boy.  I took him to the doctor and he also has bronchitis.  I feel  bad for him.
 Yesterday was our first day back in town and we were busy running around for stuff and ended up hitting a can on the freeway and it some damage to one of our tires.  Crazy, but we were all okay.  Stephen got a spare on and we found a Les Schwab near by.
That wraps up our year!  I am not sure if I am going to do a picture a day for 2013 yet.  We will see.

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