Friday, January 11, 2013

Snow Day!

First of all I don't like snow.  I don't like cold either.  I have lived in some wrong places for those dislikes.  Oh well, at least the kids enjoy it.  School was canceled because we got quite the snow storm and so what else should you do, but play in the snow, right?  I took a ton of picture even more than this believe it or not so I will probably add them to facebook.
 I let Vance play outside without his glasses on mostly because I was afraid he would lose or break them, but  I am a meanie and made him keep his eye patch on.  Check out that snow!
 Stephen went out to and had some fun throwing some snowballs.  Notice it hitting Tanner's shoulder.  Vance thought that was hilarious.
Vance's turn to get a snow ball.  
 Tanner asked if he could plop in the snow and apparently this is what he meant.
 The other two had to see what it was like.
 Vance and Tanner having fun.  They were running around everywhere.  We don't have snow pants so I don't know how they were not freezing, I was.
 Porter thought this was funny, but he couldn't move so he hung out on the patio with me mostly.
 Except when his nice Daddy took him into the yard.  Tanner told Stephen he looked like a Ninja.  Haha.
 Porter bracing himself for an incoming snow ball.
 Tanner enjoying the snow and yes, it was snowing while we were out there and there was a lovely wind too.
Vance dug through the snow until he found grass.

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