Monday, July 28, 2008


We finally got around to doing something with our tiny backyard. It was a garden of weeds. In a way I wish I would have taken a picture so I could just show how bad it was. It was pretty embarrassing. Good thing it is fenced in and no one had to look at it. We decided to put indoor/outdoor playmats outside. That way when we move (whenever that is) we will be able to take them with us. We can't really take grass with us. I wish we'd taken a picture right after we laid them down when they were clean and shiny. Oh well. I am not wishing we had done everything that isn't concrete that way so there would be less dirt everywhere. Here's a couple of pictures. The boys are enjoying it.


Mabel said...

So fun! They are so cute! Wish I could come play.

Kimmy said...

That stuff is pretty cool. I liked to sit on it, too. It looks fun.