Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tarzan and Jane

I want to get this story written down before it is long forgotten. This morning Vance was looking through a book full of different Disney stories. Tarzan happened to be one of them. There was a picture (not this particular one) of Tarzan and Jane. He pointed to Tarzan and said, "Dad". Then he pointed to Jane and said, "Mom". He did that a few different times. Well Vance, your parents might like to be that in shape... I think his dad being Tarzan is a bit of a stretch. He doesn't have long hair and he hangs out fully dressed. Oh, well. The things kids come up with. It gave me a good laugh.


Mabel said...

What a funny little guy! That's very cute.

Anonymous said...

You don't think that you and Stephen look like Jane and Tarzan? I am so surprised. They are the first people that come to mind when I see pictures of the two of you. lol