Thursday, July 31, 2008


A few days ago Tanner discovered that he could make marks on a piece of paper with a pen and now he wants to do it whenever Vance is coloring. He thinks he is so grown up and he is started to be right. I decided today was the last day I give Vance a coloring page, at least one with small pictures. Who cares if he colors in the lines, I sure don't. Well, today he cared and got mad anytime he drew out of the lines, which was often as you can imagine so it ended up being a big source of frustration for him. He wanted me to do all the coloring. Looks like I will be letting him do free drawing from here on out at least for a while.


Risskabob said...

I'm disappointed in you, Heather. Why are both of your boys right-handed? :-D

Kimmy said...

New little artists in the making.... it makes my heart happy!