Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cricuts, Weddings, and Babies

I bought a Cricut Machine the day after Thanksgiving and I haven't regretted yet. I love to scrapbook, make cards, and do projects for and with the boys so it has been a great asset. Michaels had their stock over 50% off this week so I got some new ones. Woo-Hoo. Vance even loves it. He likes to watch it work and I have a Mickey Mouse and a Winnie the Pooh Cartidge so he loves to have me make things out of those. I'm not overly creative or good at making cards but I thought I would share a couple of the ones I've made recently and show you a picture of Vance enjoying Winnie the Pooh.
The first is for a friend/co-worker of Stephen's who got married on Friday. This friend and his wife both went through the automotive program around the same time as Stephen. In fact, that would be Stephen's second friend to marry and automotive major. Go figure. I can already see how fun it will be to hang out with those five together... ;)
Stephen's supervisor/friend and his wife had a baby on Friday (big day for their work) and so the second card, I made for them. We went and visited them at the hospital today. Their baby is a doll. I love newborns (not ready for another of my own yet though!)
I've got a few project ideas in my head I need to do using my Cricut. Really, they need to come out with some LDS themed ones and I would be set for life! It could really come in handy teaching those Sunbeams.

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Kimmy said...

Cute cards! I love your cards that you make! It makes me want to make cards, but I'm too lazy to take the time.