Wednesday, August 20, 2008

11 months old

Tanner is 11 months old today. He seems more grown up every day. He loves to pull himself up on anything and everything. He'd really like to walk just like his older brother however, he can only stand alone for a few seconds so there is still sometime before he does that. He loves to play especially with Vance. He loves to eat, as I previously mentioned. He is turning into a mini Vance in a lot of ways, but he is definitely still his cute self. Wow, in a month we will be having a birthday for him!


Mabel said...

Love the face! I can't believe he is almost one, he's growing up too fast! He'll be walking before you know it and trying to keep up with Vance.

Holly said...

I need him to crawl so Jillian can see how a little person does it. I crawl around for her and she just looks at me like I'm crazy! I can't believe how big (and cute) Tanner is!!!

Erin said...

He's so cute, I just miss the boys so much! I can't believe he's almost ONE!!!