Thursday, August 28, 2008

When did I become old?

I did two posts today so feel free to scroll down and look at my other post, but I felt the need to express how old I am feeling today. It is all of the person pictured to the left here's fault. That my dear friends is my baby brother, Glen and that is one of his senior pictures. That's right you heard me SENIOR. Today Glen started the first day of his senior year of high school. How does this make me feel? Naturally, I feel like a dinosaur and I keep wondering how did this happen? Wasn't I just a senior in high school? How on earth can my brother, who was nine when I started my senior year be one now? Oh, people I am feeling old and it is only going to get worse as time goes on. I don't want to even think about June when he graduates... the only thing that will be worse is when my baby sister is a two years!!!!
Anyway, I hope you have a great senior year Glen! How about you try and do something that all your older siblings have failed at and not get a significant other before starting college?! Hey, I think it's a good idea. By the way, isn't my brother cute?


Anonymous said...

Ok so now you haved posted his cute picture and the girls will flock and he will have a significant other before too long. Thanks Heather..


PS Just think how old I feel!!!

Holly said...

Uh, Hello!!! You don't have your 10 year class reunion this weekend. I am way old!