Saturday, August 16, 2008


As I mentioned previously today is our five year wedding anniversary. I met Stephen in January 2003 and he quickly became my best friend. I admit he confused me for a while. He just wanted to be my friend, but he came over to my apartment every single day and hung out with me generally for several hours. I enjoyed his company so I didn't send him away, but I wondered why he did that if he just wanted to be my friend. I knew though that whatever happened was what was suppose to happen and so I didn't worry too much about it. He had some other people he was interested in and so did I. By the beginning of April though, my feelings for him had grown and thankfully, his had too. We got engaged in May and were married in the Idaho Falls LDS temple August 16th. That may seem fast to some, but if you know a decision is right, why wait? We have never regretted our decision and have only be grateful for it. Stephen is my rock. Ever since I met him, he has made me feel at peace. I'm so grateful for his calm, unstressed, unruffled presence in my life. I love you, sweetheart! Happy Anniversary.
Here our some tidbits about the past five years:

*One of us has been a student the whole time we've been married
*We'd been married two years four months before we had our first child
*We've lived in five different places in the past five years (three four-plexes, one trailer, one townhouse)
*Between the two of us we've had five different jobs (not counting my job as a mother)
*I've been pregnant or nursing a baby 3 years 4 months in the past five years.
*We've lived in two different cities (back and forth)
*The first few months of our marriage Stephen made $6.30/hr and we could live off of that.
*We've only owned one vehicle at a time our entire marriage.
*I am grateful every single day that I am married to such a wonderful person.

I love you Stephen and look forward to the future with you!

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