Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mommy Survey

ALL THE PROUD MOMMYS: Fill this out!
-Age of baby/babies? 2 years, 8 mo. and 11 1/2 months
-Names? Vance Thomas and Tanner Mark
-Birthdays? Vance-December 22, 2005 Tanner- September 20, 2007
-Time of birth? (approximately)Vance 1:00pm Tanner-4:00 am
-How long did labor last? Vance-from when I first started having contractions until I gave birth it was 23 hours. Tanner-I was having mild contractions, but scheduled to be induced so we'll go from the time I got to the hospital until I gave birth which was 8 hours.
-How long did you push? Vance- 3 long, painful hours Tanner- 45 minutes
-How much did your baby weigh? Vance-9 lbs 4 oz Tanner 7 lbs 11 oz
-Any hair? They both had a little fuzz
-Who does your baby look Like? Vance-no one really, but if I have to pick someone I'd say my father-in-law, but that has been sicne he's gotten older. Tanner- people say he looks like me so we'll go with that.
-Be much weight did you gain? Vance-40 lbs (yuck) Tanner- 27 lbs (and my prebaby weight was less)
-Was baby early or late? Vance- 10 days early, thank heavens Tanner- a week early
-How many baby showers did you have? Vance-one Tanner-zero, guess I didn't need another one.
-Did you breastfeed? Yes, for both Vance the first 11 mo. and still nursing Tanner, but will be stopping in the next month
-Who keeps your baby(ies) the most? Me, me, me, and me. :)
-When do you wanna have another? I think that is a personal matter I'd like to keep between me and Stephen. Let's just say I am not pregnant now nor am I trying to get pregnant.
-How did you know it was time to go the hospital? Vance- my contractions were coming so hard I didn't want to exist anymore. Tanner- it was my scheduled time
-Anyone spend the night with you first night home? Thank heavens for mothers. She stayed the first week of both boy's lives. Most helpful
-Did you cry the first time you held your baby? No, I repressed those emotions for a later time.
- Who cut the cord? Stephen cut both
-Where was the baby born? They were both born at Madison Memorial Hospital.
-Did you record the labor? Video recording? No, no way. I did write down the details of both and we took some pictures. You don't really want to remember the labor part anyway, you want to remember how tiny and precious your baby is.

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Risskabob said...

I just realized I'm getting married on Tanner's first birthday. :-)