Thursday, August 7, 2008

Grocery Shopping without Stephen...

I don't do my big grocery shopping without Stephen. Many of you may find this odd, but let's think about it, do I really want to take my two boys under the age of three by myself for a long trip to the grocery store? No, not to mention my husband is a picky eater so I like to have his help buying food. Anyway, we have one vehicle so we trade back and forth when needed. I need the van every Wednesday and Thursday morning at least and we pick Stephen up for lunch and he takes it back to work with him. Generally, once we are done with our appointments we don't come back home we just stay out and go play somewhere or go to some store. Today I needed a couple of things from Wal-Mart so I braved it alone. Although it was just a few things, I remember why I take Stephen with me.
Vance thinks he is a big enough boy to walk and not ride in the cart. That is fine with me if he'll listen. Well, inevitably he doesn't listen and I end up putting him in the cart at some point. Naturally, this happened early on today. So he is sitting in the basket and Tanner is in the front buckled in. After making a pit stop at the family bathroom (another fun feature to going alone...bathroom trip for the whole family) we headed to the baby section for some jars of baby food. For those who do not know you can not get stage 3 baby food in the plastic containers. I put some in our cart and immediately Vance starts banging them together. I tell him to stop a few times with nothing so I put them up by Tanner, who begins to eat them. It didn't do me much good there anyway, as Vance could still reach them. After looking at something on the shelf for a minute or two I look down to see that Vance has ripped the label off one of the jars. Irritating, but oh well, then I look closer and see another jar has broken- cracked, it's a gonner. On the plus side it hasn't exlpoded on anyone or anything so I take everything up to the check out and get an irritated clerk. Yes, that's right I can't control my 2 1/2 year old so sue me. I haven't even mentioned the crying and whining that Vance has carried on throughout the entire experience. I rushed to the car, packed the boys up and we drove to Stephen's work although we were 15 minutes early. I didn't care. The situation could have been worse, but still I don't want to push my luck. Maybe I'll go on a "No Stephen no Wal-Mart strike."

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Kimmy said...

I think you should write the baby food company and request that they put their stage 3 food in plastic containers. Hopefully this will be something that you'll be able to laugh about later. (It's kinda funny since I wasn't there, though.)