Friday, August 22, 2008

Peanut Butter Balls

Vance and I made peanut butter balls this afternoon. Vance had a great time rolling them into balls. He would roll them in his hands, toss the deformed ball on the wax paper and say "Ta-da." He found eating them even more fun...shocker... I didn't have any honey so I used corn syrup instead and I don't think they were as good, but it was such an easy, fun recipe to do with Vance and he doesn't know the difference.


Holly said...

Smart woman, teach your kids to make treats so when you're craving something you can send them into the kitchen and you can sit back and relax. HA!

Mabel said...

I agree with Holly, smart move. I think Vance has the makings of a chef, his "ta-da" could become as famous as Emeril's "BAM" and "kickin' it up a notch".