Monday, July 21, 2008

Cute Problem

I took this video about a week ago, but I thought it was still worth posting. When Tanner was a newborn people would ask how Vance was handling thing or how he got along with Tanner and whatever else along those lines. Basically Vance ignored Tanner's existence for the most part. Sometimes he would tell me to put Tanner down or get mad if I tried to take a picture of them together, but mainly he ignored him. The older they both get though the more interested Vance is in Tanner and the more he likes him. In the past three months or so you could even say that they've become playmates. Recently Vance has taken it to a whole new level. He thinks he needs to be the one to fee Tanner solid foods. If I start getting food ready for Tanner, Vance will hop in the chair and grab the spoon and expect me to hand it over so he can feed Tanner. I've caught Vance a few times offering his snacks to Tanner. I try to explain to Vance that Tanner can't eat everything that he can yet because he doesn't have enough teeth, but that hasn't sunk in yet. As you can see this is our new, but cute and sweet problem. Tanner isn't a big fan of Vance feeding him, in case you were wondering. He thinks it is funny at first but mainly he is hungry and doesn't want to mess around with Vance, who's feeding skills...well, let's just say they aren't as good as Mom's.


Holly said...

That is the cutest, funniest thing I have ever seen! I could even understand what Vance was saying..."Feeding Tanner!" So cute! I loved that he apologized when he missed Tanner's mouth. Oh, and he's not calling him Tash anymore. What a grown-up boy you have!

Mabel said...

That is so cute and sweet!! It made me laugh out loud. I'm like Holly, I love that he says sorry when he missed. Such a helper.

Kimmy said...

This is the funniest video of these two yet. I watched it over and over again. Such sweet little boys!