Tuesday, November 4, 2008


You are probably wondering what about this picture is gross. Well, nothing. I just wanted to have a picture with my post.
Vance's potty chair has a lid that you lift out of the chair itself so that you can dump the contents into the toilet. Well, lately Vance has been trying to get away with dumping it after he uses it. A lot of times I catch him before he's left the bathroom and make him do it. This morning however, that did not happen. Vance used the potty, left it sitting there unbeknownst to me. In the meantime Tanner had noticed and being the observant and helpful boy he is decided he would do it himself. I walked into the bathroom to see what was going on to find Tanner with the potty lid in his hand and pee all over his clothes. Yes, in attempt to pour it into the toilet he managed to dump it all over himself. You can say it with me, "GROSS!" Funny, but gross.
I am picture all kinds of things in our future. Some include Vance bribing and/or threatening Tanner to do his chores or Tanner trying to suck up to his paernts by doing Vance's chores.
Oh dear. This just adds to the list of all the things that Tanner tries to do to be just like Vance. This isn't a good thing people, Vance is generally a very typical naughty two year old! So this is where my picture ties in. Tanner trying to be like Vance sitting up to the table like a big boy. I don't think I'll have a dull like for at least another 20 years or more.

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