Sunday, November 16, 2008

To Utah and Back

We made a quick weekend visit to Utah to visit with Stephen's family. His sisters were all there for a New Kids on the Block Concert and since Erin won't be able to come again for Thanksgiving we took the opportunity to see her the past couple of days. Since they are the reason we were all brought together here is a picture from the concert from Mandy's camera. And, yes I did pass up the offer to go to the concert although I was a fan back in the day (when I was like 6) :)...On Saturday morning we went to the Hogle Zoo. My sister, Holly and her daughter, Jillian came with us. We all had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures.
Tanner telling me all about the monkeys we are looking at. We were both fascinated if you can't tell.
A lot of us (like everyone minus Holly, me, and our little ones) got on the Carousal. Vance really wasn't too sure about it even though he didn't even get on anything that goes up and down.
Jillian looked like this the entire time we were at the zoo minus when she ate and minus when she fell asleep.
Vance was enjoying all the animals. We couldn't figure out what he was saying, but today it occured to me when I heard him say it again that he was saying "animals" over and over again.
Vance tells Tanner all about the cool giraffe they are looking at. He's an expert, you know.
We had a fun quick trip. We're headed back for Thanksgiving. :)

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