Friday, November 21, 2008


I was going to write last night, but when it came to it I decided I was too grumpy and my post would be really negative so I didn't.
Yesterday evening Tanner was in his high chair eating dinner. Vance wanted me to take pictures. He is like that sometimes. Well, he likes me to flip the screen around and take pictures of us together so he can watch. He thinks it is pretty funny. I humor him and then generally erase the pictures because 99% of the time they aren't worth keeping (beauty of digital cameras). When Tanner finished his dinner he started to get noisy wanting to get out so as I'm trying to get Vance off my lap and stand up to get Tanner, the camera (which was still on) slipped out of my hand and went flying to the floor. NO! I picked it up hoping I didn't do too much damage to it, but I could get it to do anything. Stephen came home shortly after and tried to fix it as well. I made him call customer support (fixing things is his job) and he told us to send it in to get it fixed. Unfortunately, the repair shop is in Illinois so we get to package our little baby up and send it off to be fixed. It'll take two weeks. Darn.
This is bad news people. I am obsessed with taking pictures. I take pictures all of the time. I feel naked without a working camera. We will have to get a backup camera of some kind. We could handle having a camera for Stephen anyway, right? But oh the timing of it all... The good news is that our camera is still under warranty so it should be covered (at least we are hoping).
Here are the pictures I took before the camera bit the dust or should I say the linoleum?
Not worth a broken camera, for sure!


Mabel said...

Those are really cute! Vance looks like he is really enjoying himself!

Erin said...

Aw, that super sucks!

Mabel said...

I got distracted by the pictures, and blocked out the camera sadness(easily distracted by cute pictures) That stinks! Maybe they'll get it back to you sooner than that.

Mandy said...

We had to do that about a month after we got ours and it totally sucked. I ended up pulling out my film camera and using it while my other one was getting repaired. Nothing like the good ol' days.

Sheila C. said...

Oh NO is right-I just hung up the phone from Melanie and she just told me a similiar story that just happended to their camera today!! I am so sorry. Hope that they can fix it.