Sunday, November 23, 2008

Life Can Go On

We are saved! We bought a second camera so you don't have to go without pictures for a while and neither do we. YAY! Good thing too because the boys were failing on their instructions to not be cute while I didn't have a working camera. Vance and Tanner have matching Sunday outfits. Don't they look cute? I have more pictures. I'll probably post some of them tomorrow. Vance hates wearing ties which is why he is pouting in his picture. Stephen HATES having his picture taken so I don't get to do it very often, but I wanted to show off what we bought for him to wear to interviews. How do you think I did (because of course I did the picking out for everything)?


Mabel said...

Nice! You live with three very good looking guys. Love the picture of Vance with his little pouty face, he definitely lets you know how he feels about something with his facial expressions.

Sheila C. said...

They all look very hansome!! Good luck on the job interviews.