Sunday, December 14, 2008

Early Christmas and Birthday

Stephen's parents were up for the weekend so we did some gift exchanges with them. We had a fun little Christmas party Friday night and then Vance opened some birthday gifts on Saturday and we had cupcakes. Here are some pictures.

Vance thinks he needs to help everyone open their gifts (beware those who will be around him on Christmas). Tanner seemed to enjoy the unwrapping himself.
Here are Vance, Tanner, and Luke all enjoying the little Thomas the Train set Vance got for his birthday.Tanner is showing off his new outfit from Grandma and Grandpa. He is also posing (as you can see) as he plays the Wii.
Vance showing off a cool gift from Mandy, Jake, and Luke.


Lawrence said...

Tanner is definitely his father's son, showing off his game-playing abilities!

Holly said...

Vance can help Jilly open her gifts. I don't think she'll have it down yet.

Sheila C. said...

It looks like you had a fun weekend! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Kimberly said...

Look at me! I remembered to check blogs today for the first time in months. Cute pictures! It was fun! I'm glad we got to do that since we won't be spending Christmas with you guys.