Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gingerbread Fun

As usual, you can find out more about what we did today on my Mommy's Little Helper blog. I mentioned there that nothing we actually made was gingerbread, but hey you do what you have to. I wanted to do stuff that everyone would enjoy and would be easier on me. :)
Here is Vance helping make some gingerbread men with our sugar cookie dough. He loves to say, "Squish" and did so everytime he made a new gingerbread man.
Vance is checking out our graham cracker gingerbread house. He had fun decorating it, but he especially had fun eating the candy while he decorated.
Vance showing off his finished product and Tanner wanting to be part of the action too.
Tanner enjoyed a sugar cookie I gave him and yes you can clearly see it was a burned one. I gave him one that was burned because I knew he would eat it and like it...sue me! :)
Vance and Tanner both enoying their gingerbread men/babies.

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Mabel said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! Hey if Tanner doesn't mind a little bit crisper cookie, that's okay! Sugar cookies with frosting are one of my favorites. YUM! Got any left?