Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Randmon Ramblings

(I guess I just needed to write a little. You don't have to read it if you don't want to. This was one of those posts that was mainly for my benefit. I'm posting it so you can see the silly picture.)

Here are the three of us. We miss Stephen when he is at work, but we're sure glad he has a job. Between the long hours Stephen has to work and the half hour commute each way it leaves the three of us home alone 11-12 hours a day, five days a week, plus every other Saturday for 8-9 hours. I am glad we live where we do, but since we only have one vehicle and Stephen has to drive so far to work each day that leaves me with no car. Hopefully that will change sometime sooner than later. By the way, I really think that people should get paid on how hard they work, don't you? We'd be rich then... oh well. We are rich in other ways.
Does anyone else ever have this problem? I've got like 50 great ideas (at least I think they are great) and then another list of things I want to accomplish or get in a routine of doing, but I find myself not trying out any ideas or accomplishing anything new in the day. Take this example: The end of September I decided it was time to get myself healthy, eating right and exercising so I did. I decided and boom I did it. Three months later and fifteen pounds lighter I had exercised 5 days a week and not eaten anything unhealthy. It was wonderful, well then Christmas hit and I didn't do too bad, but everything went downhill from there. Mainly, I blame it on the stress of not having a job and little money, then getting a job but no where to live, then moving, then getting a place to live (yes, in that order), then moving into a new place, then getting ourselves settled. Now here I am trying to get back into that routine I'd built myself and stuck with for three months and I just can't get into it. I'll exercise a couple of times a week and start the day eating healthy, but by dinner time that has gone out the window. There's one example for you, whether you wanted it or not. :) I've got lots of ideas to do with the boys- tons in fact, hobbies I want to pick back up, not to mention working on keeping myself spiritually fed.
One thing I have been working on is keeping our house cleaner. I made myself a schedule for five days of the week I have a cleaning list that I take care of in the morning. That way, although my house is never clean at the same time (ha) at least each room has been cleaned sometime during the week instead having to take a day to clean the entire least this is my hope. I've also made myself put on make up and do my hair every single day for about two weeks now. Baby steps... that must be the answer... baby steps...


Mabel said...

Kudos to you on the healthy eating, exercise and weight loss! Especially fitting in the exercise with 2 active little boys that keep you on your toes. Cute picture! Did Tanner smack his head or is that just a shadow? Keep up the baby steps and you'll be amazed at what you can get done! I need to do that too.


WOW! You have stated my feelings almost exactly! I think it is so hard to do things, especially with two boys! I think of so many goals in my head and never actually do them because it seems like there is cleaning to be done CONSTANTLY -never ending process! You made me feel better. I thought that was just me! I have also had a hard time starting a healthy eating/excersise/loose baby weight routine. Let me know how you did it before!

cozke said...

I totaly understand where you are coming from. By the time I make it through work and a 45 minute commute each way I have lost about all of my resolve to do anything productive let alone exercise and eat healthy. I really need to force myself to get on a schedule. I think you are right, baby steps...hmmm, what should I start with?