Friday, February 20, 2009

Tanner Time

Tanner is 17 months old. He gets more entertaining the older he gets with all the different things he comes up with and imitating things that we- especially Vance do. I just noticed that you can see my reflection in our picture of Christ...well, I will be cropping that, but there it is for you all to enjoy because I don't have the time to fix it up now. Ha... oh and while I'm off the subject (sort of...) Tanner decided to crash his head into the road or sidewalk (it was while my parents were babysitting so I am not sure) and that is the result on the right side of his head. He didn't even cry over it. I probably would.
Anyway back to the cute story about Tanner that I started this post for. This morning Tanner was sitting on the floor eating some crackers that were in a bowl and Vance came over and pushed the bowl over knocking all the crackers out all over the floor. Before I could react Tanner had his finger out pointing at Vance saying, "No, no, no." Do you think he's seen us do that before or what? Ah, he makes me laugh. He is going to keep us in line because he is quite the watcher and will imitate everything we do. His speech is coming along great to which makes me very happy!


Holly said...

What a sweetheart. Tanner is looking so grown up. I never would have noticed your reflection had you not mentioned it.

Mabel said...

He will be keeping you all in line! Such a sweet little boy. I miss having you guys closer!