Monday, February 23, 2009

View Vance

Everyone wants to be independent, right? Lately, for Vance this means a number of things. One in particular is dressing and undressing himself. This includes picking out what he wants to wear. Yesterday morning as I was getting ready for church he came in wearing this outfit. I told him to go back and put on his Sunday clothes, but of course this is what he put on when we got home. The shirt is a size too big (I got in on clearance somewhere), the pants (made my Grandma Jeppson) are now too short for him. You can clearly see the outfit doesn't match, but who really cares? Now when we go out I make sure he doesn't have anything on that would embarrass me, otherwise I don't mind. Vance loves to help me sweep, dust, vacuum, clean the toilets, but he really hates to pick up his toys! Yesterday when Stephen was giving his talk in church Vance sat as still as I've ever seen the kid (at least awake) and stared at his dad. He had to have been like that for 10 minutes or so before he snapped out of it. I couldn't believe it!! Vance loves going outside. He is always telling me that he wants to go for a "walk" which means he wants to walk down the street and look at the llamas near our place. He is a very strong-willed child. I hope he sets his mind to do wonderful things because he'll probably do whatever he decides to do.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm I think that strong willed part comes from his mother although I hear that his dad is a little strong willed too. The kid doesn't have a chance.


Sheila C. said...

Maybe if he likes to dust and sweep etc. so much you should just change jobs with him and let him do your chores and you can pick up his toys for him!!!
YOu have cute boys!!

Mabel said...

I completely agree with your Mom, that he gets his "independent" genes from both sides. It's a good thing he's a good little boy, just adventurous and independent thinking! You have llamas near you? How fun is that! I'd want to go take walks to see them too. Love the outfit, and you know some things just aren't worth stressing over.