Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

It was our 6th year wedding anniversary on Sunday. We celebrated by leaving the boys with my parents all day Saturday, that night, and a good chunk of Sunday while we went to the Seattle area. We went to a Japanese Garden in Seattle, drove around downtown some, but mostly we spent our time in Bellevue. We went to a couple of malls, had a yummy dinner, and stayed at a nice hotel there. I love my kids to pieces, but it was nice to get away. It was even nicer to get away from reality and spend some quality time with my husband. It might sound corny, but it is true. It was the first anniversary since we've had kids that we've gone away over night. The previous three I've either been nursing a baby or very, very pregnant. I'm posting one of many pictures we took at the gardens.
The boys had a blast with my parents and the uncles and aunt that were around too.


Sheila C. said...

glad that you could go and get away for a bit.I am sure the grand parents loved it to.

Lawrence said...

I am really glad you had the chance to get away for even a day or so. I'm sure the boys liked it too. Reality may bite sometimes, but you'll always have this memory.

We're really looking forward to seeing y'all next month.

cozke said...

Congrats! Is this 7 years?