Sunday, August 2, 2009

Scorching HOT!

It is scorching hot here! Yesterday, I think was the worst. It hit 108 degrees! It's been hitting over a 100 a lot and doesn't show signs of cooling off anytime soon. I am so GRATEFUL for air conditioning! We've been hiding out at our place as much as possible. I do feel bad for Stephen who is in and out and all over the place at work and wearing pants and a collared shirt on top of it. He seems to be surviving.

I've been trying to teach Vance about girls and boys. Nothing specific, mind you, but anytime he sees a little kid- girl or boy he calls them a boy. If it is a group of girls he calls them boys. So I've been trying to teach him that girls are girls. Here's how it has been going.

Me- "Vance is a...?"
Vance- "Boy!"
Me- "Tanner is a...?"
Vance- "Boy!"
Me- "Dad is a...?"
Vance- "Boy!"
Me- "Mom is a...?"
Vance- "Princess!"

Not exactly what I'm going for, but sweet nonetheless. We've had that conversation a few times now. I told him that girls generally have longer hair and boys generally have shorter hair. This will probably come back to haunt me when he calls a boys with long hair a girl, but for now it was the simpliest way I could think of to help him figure out the difference.


Lawrence said...

Princess is good...

What a great picture of the both of you!!!

Mabel said...

That is a cute picture, Vance looks like he is really liking having his picture taken! Hey, I'd take princess, nice compliment!

Kimmy said...

At least Stephen has A/C in the car.... I hate being hot. Traveling to and from UT in my car without A/C makes me more grateful for the spring and fall. Cute picture!

Erin said...

I agree... A/C is something I am definitely grateful for and something I have on my list while I am looking for an apartment.

And my first thought when I read Vance's comment... "Smart Boy."