Monday, August 31, 2009


My sister-in-law Mandy and her son, Luke came up for a quick visit this weekend. We haven't seen them since January so it was great to see them again. Luke is 2 months older than Tanner. Here are some pictures from our weekend.

At the temple groundsVance at this "Children's Museum" we went to that really wasn't a musuem and was over priced for what it was. The boys still seemed to have fun. Vance especially. Tanner and Luke were a little young for it. Vance has asked if we can go back the entire afternoon today.
Tanner at the Children's Museum.
We played with bubbles on Sunday afternoon. Tanner had the most fun with the bubbles, I think.We tried to give Luke a good look at the llamas near our house, but they weren't out. We were happy we got one shot of them all looking at the camera though.


Kimmy said...

Cute pictures! Mandy said it was fun. The llamas must just be shy to new visitors, because they weren't out when I was up there either.

Mandy said...

We had so much fun and I was sad to leave. Luke has asked several times about Vance and Tanner. He loved playing with them too.