Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!  My kids have been looking forward to going to a parade all week.  Fortunately for us they have a small one walking distance from our place.  It is funny to see the differences in parades depending on where you live.  Definitely a different type of parade than when we lived in Washington, but they are all fun for different reasons.  Here is the picture I got of all the boys.  The sun was in their eyes if you couldn't tell.  Haha.  They were anxious for the parade to begin.
 We took all three of our umbrellas to shade ourselves.  I think it helped.  I put sunscreen on and stayed under an umbrella and my fair skin still got slightly pink.
 Porter was excited.  We walked him down in the stroller, but that was the only time he was actually in it.
 Vance was the most excited of all three and kept asking what time it was because he knew what time the parade was suppose to start.
 Getting some candy.  There was plenty to get too!  Everyone through candy and lots of it.
 They even gave out otter pops.  The boys shared it.  Good idea for keeping cool.
 They waved at everyone (so they could get candy-no doubt).  Their waving got weaker as time went on.
 Here is what we collected not counting what they ate.  Porter would go out and come back with his hands full of candy.  When our gallon zilpoc bag was full he asked if he could eat some.  I told him no because I thought he'd had enough already and he said, "But the bag is full."  The kid has way too much logic for a 3 year old! He also keeps begging for just one piece of candy.  "I'll just have one piece of candy Mom.  I pinky promise." I think they candy needs to be shared with others soon.  :)

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